Ktunnel web proxy here to help internet users if you can not access youtube, facebook, twitter, video sites, due to the limitations of the Internet at school, work or in a country. This is the right place to open a free site. Avoid frustration prevented from accessing your favorite websites at school, college, university or office local networks. Using our services is safe to pass through the filter blocking. Not only allows you to access almost all websites, opening our network to protect your identity. We never disclose the information to third parties vtunnel users. You can even turn off cookies with advanced options. Your IP address is never exposed, along with info browser.

How to open Ktunnel site? Firewall limits traffic on Vtunnel Proxy Server is easy, just look down and you will see the site authorization form, where you can type in the address. This box will allow the authorized browser! Browse our proxy is the same as your internet explorer or firefox, but online proxy browser will open the blocked sites. Enjoy the freedom of your complete surfing. Do not forget to bookmark us using the buttons on the right.

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